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NEW ITEM Unisex Black Leather Bracelet with Tattooed Pearl [adjustable length]

• Adjustable length Leather bracelet with Stainless Steel
• Certified Authentic Tahitian pearl:
Tattooed Pearl, 12.3mm, Semi-Round, Onyx Gray

This stunning braided leather bracelet features a Tahitian Pearl hand-sculpted with Polynesian designs in accordance with the traditional art of the Tattooed Pearl.

Elegance and sophistication are the defining elements of this unisex statement piece.
Its stainless steel clasp can easily be propped open to crop the leather bands tucked within so as to shorten the bracelet to your desired length.

Whether you are in search of a unique gift for a loved one or for yourself, this masterpiece of craftsmanship and the cultural history it embodies will make the perfect choice.

All visual variations between images of the same product reflect a change in lighting conditions. Due to their natural depth, the color of Tahitian pearls will seem to vary dependent on lighting and surrounding environment.


Sold out!

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