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NEW ITEM You & Me 18K White Gold + Titanium Bracelet

• Flexible 18k White Gold Bracelet with 5.7g Titanium
Single size, slip-on style
• Tahitian Pearls: A and B++ quality, 10.4+mm, Round and Semi-Round, Blue and Green

In Tahitian culture, linking two contrasting pearls symbolizes not only a lifelong union between two people, but one that is rooted in love. Often a wedding gift, the darkest pearl of a Tahitian You & Me typically represents the groom, while the lightest stands for his bride. This design is also used to celebrate the relationship between a parent and their child, or between two siblings.
Our quality combination of titanium and gold ensures unique flexibility and durability while also allowing for a chic slip-on style design. Unlike bracelets with a clasp closure, this piece is easy to slide on without any help and is extremely comfortable to wear.
These Tahitian pearls’ contrasting colors highlight each of their unique character and beauty while remaining in perfect harmony thanks to their nacre’s perfectly matched undertones. This piece is the definition of pure elegance; through nature’s wonders and our expert savoir-faire, it combines cultural history with true sophistication, making it the jewel of a lifetime you are unlikely ever to take off.

All visual variations between images of the same product reflect a change in lighting conditions. Due to their natural depth, the color of Tahitian pearls will seem to vary dependent on lighting and surrounding environment.


Sold out!

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